Street Medical®

DATE - 2019 - 07 - 01 〜

これまでの医学・医療を支えてきたBook-smart的な知見に加えて、人々の実生活の場で活かされてきたStreet-smart的な知見を取り入れることで、より良い医療を実現します。 現代医学の科学性を継承しながら、病院内外に限らず、様々な発想・手法で、潜在的な医療対象を発見、その療法を確立・実践します。
*Book-smart [ブックスマート]
– 学識のある。本から知恵をつけた。賢人。時に、常識がない、経験に乏しい。 *Street-smart [ストリートスマート]
– 実践経験から知恵をつけた。賢人。成り上がり。

Street Medical presents a mission for future medicine and medical care that adopts the street-smart wisdom of our daily lives to the book-smart wisdom of established medicine. Street Medical’s ambition is to discover potential unmet medical needs and establish the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of these needs.
*book-smart [bʊk-smɑːt]
–Having knowledge obtained by reading and studying ("book-learning"), rather than by practical experience. (Wiktionary)
–having a lot of academic knowledge learned from books and studying, but not necessarily knowing much about people and living in the real world. (Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries)

*street-smart [striːt-smɑːt]
–having the ability to manage or succeed in difficult or dangerous situations, especially in big towns or cities. (Cambridge Dictionary)
–Having practical rather than theoretical knowledge, such as what is learned on the streets rather than in the classroom. (Wiktionary)